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Combatting Criminal Gangs in Northern Syria

While some media outlets reported efforts in Syria as "internal fighting among Turkey-backed groups," in reality, there was a "clean up" operation with the backing of Turkish Armed Forces in order to wipe criminal gangs from Afrin and Aleppo.

'Communist Militants' among US Partners in Syria

The Marxist-Leninist Communist Party, an underground faction classified as a terrorist organisation in Turkey, is an ally of the US-backed YPG, report Sibel Düz and Ömer Özkizilcik.

The Forgotten Terrorists: DAESH Fighters of Central Asia

While much as the world is concerned with European foreign fighters, it should also be looking at the issue of terrorists from Central Asian states who were some of the most infamous fighters of Daesh.

European DAESH Fighters: A Nightmare Knocking on the EU’s Door

Taking those foreign terrorist fighters back is the legal obligation of their home countries, but most know that their laws are incapable of declaring a proper sentence against them.

What will be Turkey’s Possible Operation Plan in Syria?

The joint Syrian-Turkish operation aims initially to liberate Arab areas from the YPG. This clearly contradicts with the critics who state that the main goal of the operation is demographic engineering.

YPG's Retaliation against the Press: Kurdistan 24 Case

Since the launch of the Operation Claw by Turkey, the PKK has lost strategic hills in the Hakurk region, and the PKK has accused the KRG of collaboration with Ankara. YPG's recent move against Kurdistan 24 can also be seen as an attempt to retaliate in the name of the...

Why the YPG can’t Fight against Turkey

The YPG doesn’t have the experience of the rebels in Idlib who have fought for years against an enemy with air-power. The YPG has become too used to air-support and their experience in war without air support is mainly limited to its loss of 200 villages in a week south...

Will Turkey Launch a New Operation in the East of the Euphrates?

If the U.S. isn’t going to address Turkey’s security concerns and since Turkey is being pushed from inside by the Turkish people and the Syrian opposition to launch a military operation towards Manbij and the east of the Euphrates, the best for Turkey would be not to withstand this and...

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