Nur Günay, Polis Akademisi Güvenlik Bilimleri Enstitüsü Uluslararası Güvenlik Programı’nda yüksek lisans eğitimine devam etmektedir. / Nur Günay, is currently continuing her graduate education at Police Academy Institute of Security Sciences International Security Program.


Turkey’s Strategy of Multiple Priority in Its War on Terror

The PKK seems to have returned to the 1970-1984 period, in which its terrorists were trying to increase their aggressive behavior but were too weak to act in most cases

Turkey’s 'Seek and Destroy' Strategy against PKK Terrorism in COVID-19 Period

PKK has targeted Turkey through violent terrorist attacks as well as fake news and black propaganda since March 2020 when the first COVID-19 cases emerged in Turkey and neighboring countries

2019 Turkey Terrorism Index: PKK

Throughout 2019 Turkish security forces has rightly targeted the PKK’s leadership cadre reducing their decision-making abilities and capacities. By the end, it was certain that the PKK had received a severe blow to its leadership cadre. This has incapacitated the organization in immeasurable ways.

2020 Turkey Terrorism Index: PKK and DAESH

Terrorism Analysis Platform analyzed the key terror-related events during 2020 and explained the main trends related to the PKK and DAESH.

2021 South America Terrorism Index

A total of fifty-nine terrorist attacks took place in Colombia, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. Fifty-seven of these attacks were carried out on Colombian soil, followed by Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

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