Murat Yeşiltaş, SETA Vakfı Güvenlik Araştırmaları Departmanı direktörüdür./ Murat Yeşiltaş is currently working at SETA Foundation as the director of Security Studies Department.


Turkey’s ISIS Problem

The attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk airport in June 2016 indicates that the ISIS threat to Turkey is transforming from a sole criminal issue to a long-term strategic concern.

What is Turkey's Military Agenda in Northern Syria?

Turkey’s strategic objective is clear: to de-territorialize the YPG/PYD alongside its Syrian border, fix relations with the U.S. in Syria and recalibrate its military presence.

Making Sense of Turkey’s New Counter-Terrorism Strategy

Turkey is revolutionizing its counter-terrorism strategy not only against the PKK in Turkey but also against other terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq. The new face of terrorism and changing dynamics in the Middle East are likely to push Turkey to revolutionize its military affairs in the near future.

How Turkey Has Changed Its Counter-Terrorism Policy against the PKK

This is the first comprehensive counter-terror operation against the PKK. This time, the military strategy is not only targeting to eliminate PKK terrorists but also aiming to clean and hold the territory where the PKK has any presence.

What does Afrin Mean for Turkey's War on Terror?

Turkey’s first goal is to minimize the PKK’s presence and capacity and force it to withdraw from the areas it controls in the western flank of the Euphrates.

The PKK and Its Complicated Future

The propaganda machine for the PKK has also lost its functionality after Turkey’s Afrin operation. This will certainly affect the image of being an effective ground force in the fight against Daesh. As a result, it can be safely argued that the PKK faces a very complicated future in both...

Turkey's Counter-Terrorism Strategy and Operation Claw

Turkey's recent military operation, Operation Claw, is a continuation of Turkey's counter-terrorism strategy of maintaining active military presence and fight on the field. The operation has three objectives.

DAESH's Discourse of Violence against Turkey

This report maps out Daesh’s perception of Turkey.

The Logic of Non-State Armed Groups Survival in Syria: A Contemporary Framework of Analysis

By focusing on three significant cases in Syria, this study develops a new analytical perspective to unpack the strategic logic behind NSAGs’ survival in a competitive, anarchical conflict environment.

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