Muhammet İsmail ÜZEN

Yüksek lisans eğitimine devam etmektedir. İlgi alanları arasında uluslararası güvenlik, terörizm ve gelişen askeri teknolojiler bulunmaktadır./He is currently pursuing a graduate degree. He is interested in international security, terrorism and emerging military technologies.


Deciphering the 2022 Istiklal Avenue Attack

On November 13, 2022, at 4:20 pm, a terrorist attack was carried out on Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul, killing 6 people including 2 children, and injuring 81 people.

Terrorism Trends in 2022: The Ongoing Threat Posed by PKK/YPG Attacks

The PKK/YPG's continued operation in Syria and Northern Iraq, coupled with the group's ongoing attacks in Turkey, highlight the persistent threat that the group poses to regional security.

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