Terrorism and Security in Africa Podcast Series will present you four experts on terrorism in the African continent. We have divided the series into three episodes: Terrorism in the Sahel region, financing terrorism in Africa and finally an episode on two of the largest terrorist organizations in Africa: Al-Shabaab, and Boko Haram.

Our first episode is on Terrorism in the Sahel region. Our expert on this issue is Mr. Isidore Agha from Uludag University.

Our second episode is on financing terrorism in Africa. Our expert on this issue is Mr. Mürsel Bayram from the Social Sciences University of Ankara.

Our third episode is on terrorist organizations in Africa. Our guests for this episode are Mr. Tunc Demirtas, Assistant Professor at Mersin University and Mr. Zainul Abideen Jibril, lecturer Adamawa State University in Nigeria. 

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